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Sports bar - Qomagi offers 400 sq.m. so-called cozy loft-style space on the 0th floor of the sports complex. In addition to sports shows, the sports bar offers customers a diverse menu, live music, entertaining board games and a cozy, safe environment. The bar is equipped with 1 large projector, where you can watch the main sports events. There are 4 VIP zones in front of the projector, each zone can host at least 5, maximum 10 customers at the same time. VIP zones are reserved in advance according to the selected menu. In addition to the VIP areas, the bar offers customers up to 10 bar tables, which do not need to be reserved in advance, and the menu is selected on the spot. The bar area is equipped with plasma TVs for uninterrupted watching of sport matches.

The bar area is featured with a small stage with an appropriate equipment for live music. Also, the bar offers customers to play various table games, such as billiards, table football and table hockey. The bar area is located adjacent to the bowling alley, which makes the environment more attractive for both bowling fans and sports bar customers. In addition to sports shows, the bar hosts live music lovers, karaoke, birthday parties and other events. The sports bar is open every day from 21:00 to 02:00. Every day the bar hosts around 90 to 120 guests.

Sports Bar

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